10 Chatbots to Make Holiday Shopping a Breeze

10 Chatbots to Make Holiday Shopping a Breeze

It’s that time of year again when people dig deep into their pockets and spend money they don’t have on a bunch of people who are also struggling do the same for them. The holidays can be tough on many people, but when it comes to fixing your finances, there are many chatbots that can help make your holiday shopping a breeze by helping you find the perfect gift and even help you cut costs.

We’ve lined up the top 10 chatbots to turn your holiday frown upside down.

SantaGiftBot Messenger chatbot

Santa GiftBot

Let Santa figure out what to get your friends and family for real this year with the Santa GiftBot. This handy little bot will ask you a series of questions to determine the best gifts for those on your list. Don’t waste time in stores or online – go right to the jolly man himself and find out what he would recommend for those nearest and dearest to you.

Need a gift for a colleague? No problem. Santa’s got you covered. Using a series of elimination questions, Santa and his elves will be able to keep offering you suggestions until you find the perfect gift to go under the tree.

LEGO Messenger chatbot

Lego GiftBot

Love Lego? Who doesn’t? If you can dream it, you can build it with Lego. Ralph, the friendly and helpful Lego GiftBot can help you choose the perfect Lego set for your family and friends. With gifts perfect for all ages – all the way up to age 99! – the Lego GiftBot is sure to please. This is a fun way for relatives to find gifts for children who want to build on their Lego collections. Ralph is still learning the ways of the Lego lover, so be patient with him as he provides you with great gift options this holiday season.

eBay ShopBot Messenger chatbot

eBay ShopBot

In case you were wondering,  eBay has a holiday helper on tap to make sure you get the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. It’s a smart shopping assistant that integrates into your Facebook Messenger to determine gift ideas based on your conversations and trends. You can teach the eBay ShopBot what you like through chat, pictures, and you can even browse suggestions it makes to bring the shopping experience closer to you. The next time someone asks you what you want for Christmas, you’ll have an answer ready, and get some great ideas for others in your life as well.

Retale GO Amazon Alexa chatbot

Retale GoBot

Saving money is on everyone’s mind this time of year, and the Retale GoBot can help you save lots of money this holiday season by providing you with coupons and deals matched to your preferences. You’ll get weekly deals sent right to your phone, and you’ll never need to clip another coupon as long as you live. Take it wherever you go to get the best prices on products you buy every day at big box retailers and some of the world’s leading brands. It’s a great way to stay on budget this Christmas.

ChatShopper Messenger chatbot

ChatShopper Bot

Emma, the ChatShopper Bot, can help you save money on everyday fashion products to build a robust wardrobe for yourself or score a great deal for friends and family this holiday season. Everyone loves to give and receive presents, and getting a new hat or scarf is the perfect way to celebrate the pending holidays. Or, you can ask Emma to help you find the outfit that is just right for the big New Year’s Eve celebration you’ll be attending this year. She’s got you covered.

Coupons Bot Messenger chatbot

Coupons Bot

If you want to save big this holiday season, check out Coupons Bot. This chatbot will quickly and easily score you coupon codes to get big bucks off your next purchase. Whether you want to save money on a meal, or you need a new pair of shoes to hit the town, Coupons Bot can help you find what you need and save money on it too. With over 500 partner brands, Coupons Bot is sure to have what you are looking for this December.

RooBot Messenger chatbot


Brought to you by Blue Kangaroo, RooBot is going to change the way you should for the holidays, and all year round for that matter. Find hundreds of products from around the world to suit your taste and needs. Whether you need a watch for your wife or you want to get that perfect toy for your daughter, RooBot will talk you through the holiday season with ease.

Trim Messenger chatbot


If money is tight, then it might be time to take a closer look at your budget this holiday seasons. TrimBot can help you cut costs quickly and easily. Using their innovative algorithm, TrimBot will be able to determine what subscriptions are providing you the most value and where you can stand to drop a few services. What’s more, they can even negotiate better rates on the services you do want to keep.  

Change Messenger chatbot


Looking for a practical way to improve your spending habits, increases your savings and cuts down fees this Christmas? Check out, Change. Change sends you pleasant little nudges via SMS or Facebook Messenger, to encourage you to spend more wisely and stay on track financially with your spending this December.

Leave Bot Messenger chatbot

Leave Bot

Beat the holiday rush with Leave Bot. This intuitive chatbot will tell you which route is fastest, safest, and easiest during your holiday commutes this Christmas. Find out about traffic jams, delays, accidents, and more. Never be late for a Christmas party again with Leave Bot, and be sure to get to the shopping centers before they close this year without worry.

Heaving into December is often a stressful time for many people all over the world. Christmas can be a joy, but it can also be a pain for people who are short on funds or who struggle to buy the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person. With all of these great chatbots, you don’t need to worry that stuff anymore. You’ll find lots of deals, specials, and great things to gift as gifts or keep for yourself.