Bridging the Gap Between Human Intelligence and AI – Sense Token Launches in October

Crystal Rose presenting Sense Token at the World Blockchain Forum

First came Sensay, a Los Angeles-based technology company focusing on chatbots and AI, that has connected millions of users around the world by providing digital coins in exchange for information, knowledge, and connection. Now comes Sense, a new digital token offered by Sensay that will encourage new users and developers to get in on the action, in exchange for Sense.

In an interview with The Crypto Times last week, Founder and CEO, Crystal Rose said, Our goal is to put everyone’s brain on the blockchain…Our platform enables these free agent[s] to set up a digital shop for their brain. So you take all the skills, knowledge, and experience over your lifetime, and you can translate that into a digital asset.”

Your Brain on the Blockchain… Makes SENSE ⚡️

Sense works by paying people for what they know, what they can share with others, and how they contribute to the development of the AI chatbot system that Sensay is continuing to develop. Sensay, the integrated chat system that has connected people from around the globe, works with popular messaging systems in Facebook, Kik, Slack and more.

What is unique about what Sense is doing is that it is going to redirect information to people who actually want it. Users will be able to tap into advertising, networking, and gain access to information from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Rather than blanket advertise to a certain demographic, Sensay will be able to provide information to people who seek it and change the advertising model from an “in your face” method, to a “draw on” method. In her interview with The Crypto Times, Rose said, “These companies will be able to put the money directly in the user’s pocket who recommended that product or service. Our platform will take the traditional advertising model from a push to a pull – only pull information when a user has a specific need, and they want a solution on demand.”

While the ICO token sale is going live to the general public in October, Sense already has over 20 million digital coins in circulation that have been converted from their original digital token reward system to the new Sense tokens that will be available. Anyone who has been using Sensay on a regular basis will be ahead of the game as their tokens have already been converted. Anyone who joins the community during the launch of the ICO will earn Sense when they engage in conversation.

Making Waves in Cryptocurrency

Rose has been hailed as one of the women to watch in tech, and her company, Sensay, has been listed as one of the top 10 startups to work for in Los Angeles. She frequently appears at conferences and talks about the importance of tapping into the value of human capital as a way to improve human existence. By connecting people, and learning from those connections, she believes we stand the greatest chance of becoming better human beings. She is quoted as saying Augmented Intelligence: a future where bots make us better, not replace us,” and “the future of intelligence is not artificial, but human.”

If you aren’t familiar with the notion of digital token sales, they have quickly become one of the leading ways technology companies can gain access to funds to further their research and development, operations and innovation. Built on the blockchain, the Sense platform will provide transparent, reliable, and secure transactions in reward for engagement on the platform. As if women and tech weren’t already a hot topic, Crystal Rose is setting the stage for the next generation of women in tech by heading up a cryptocurrency/blockchain company that is changing the face of AI and the interactions between augmented intelligence and human intelligence. She is kicking ass and taking names all over town.

Rose knows that in order to improve AI and chatbot technologies, developers need data. According to Rose, Sense will provide “unprecedented levels of human conversational data for the developer community” to continue working in these areas, while earning income for their contributions to the community. Rose understands that there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to bridge the gap between human intelligence and AI, and selling “SENSE tokens will enable Sensay to advance product development and to speed the rate of innovation in bridging AI and human conversational data.”

Sense is gathering a lot of attention as it prepares to launch its public sale of the Sense token. Given the success of the parent company, Sensay, it’s no wonder people are sitting up and paying attention to what Chrystal Rose is doing next. The company has already closed multiple rounds of funding totaling over $6 million dollars.

In exchange for the Sense token, Sensay will be accepting Ethereum, EOS, ShapeShift and Bitcoin tokens. With 1 billion tokens set to be released, and a market cap of $25 million, Sensay plans to retain about 28% of coins for their use, about 30% of coins for development and community use, and 15% for future development projects. For a quick rundown of what this company is all about, you can read the Sense one-pager. For a more detailed tour of what Sense has in store, check out their White Paper. As with anything related to human intelligence and human capital, there is a lot going on here, and this company has a lot planned for breaking down the barrier to accessing information that we all have in our heads, ultimately bringing us closer together.

With so many ICOs getting ready to launch in the remainder of 2017, Sense is one digital token sale you will want to keep an eye on. If you want to get in on the action when the ICO for Sense drops in October, you can check out BotList and join SenseBot. It will help you sign up for the ICO, get valuable updates on the launch, and you can even leave a review by logging in and letting the world know what you think. Want to keep up with what Crystal Rose is doing and what’s happening with Sense? You can follow Rose on Twitter.