GrowthBot – The Future of Business Advisement

GrowthBot - The Future of Business Advisement

Growing your business has never been easier with GrowthBot.

Let’s imagine you’re starting a business project; for example, an online startup. You have a limited budget, and you’re trying to figure out the best way to spend your money. If you haven’t done something similar, you may not know what works the best or which ideas have proven to be successful. You think that a good way to have a minimal failure in this endeavor is to research other similar online startups. You start writing a list of useful information; like what software they’re using to power their websites, or which paid keywords they’re bidding for. There’s a lot of interesting knowledge that can be gained by studying your competition, but you must be wary of falling into a trap!

“It is better to obsess over your customers than your competitors.” -Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO at HubSpot and father of GrowthBot

 It is important to learn from your competition, rather than copy them. Spending too much time studying them is beneficial, but it can be a vice as well. Imagine you have eight other competitors, and you want to know, for reference, how many team members each competitor has. The problem with this kind of question, is that you’ll have to do research; maybe you’ll have to send some emails, or make some phone calls. You might end up spending a whole afternoon to answer a question like this, wasting precious time.

But maybe there’s an easier way… A way to not get too caught up in your competition; a way to objectively use your competitions data to further improve your own strategy for success.

Introducing GrowthBot.


GrowthBot is a chatbot you can use to help analyze not only your own growth, but your competitor’s growth as well. This chatbot is free; you can use it on Facebook Messenger or Slack. GrowthBot excels at pulling up information about the current business industry in seconds.

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One of the most useful aspects about this chatbot is that once you figure out which information is useful to you, you can track that information as time goes on. GrowthBot will notify you about new updates and information, allowing you to stay on top of your game when it comes to information and planning.  GrowthBot has strong connections with a variety of systems, including Google Analytics and HubSpot.

GrowthBot For Business

A Conversation With GrowthBot

The best way to learn about this new chatbot, is by using it. The first question that you should ask is what GrowthBot can do.

Now you don’t have to spend a whole afternoon trying to figure out how many team members your competitors have; you just have to ask!


The Future and GrowthBot

As a free tool with awesome powers, GrowthBotis worth trying. GrowthBot is still in its early stages, but even so, it offers a powerhouse of functions. There are more sample commands than shown, and much more to come as this chatbot gets updated. If you are a part of an online startup, or just wanting to see the data of successful businesses, GrowthBot is the chatbot you have been looking for.

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