How Influencer Diamond Batiste is Using Chatbots

Diamond Batiste

Diamond Batiste is a creator, YouTube maker, and influencer. He’s striving to make people laugh and wants to inspire the masses.

We asked Diamond about how his chatbot, created by Persona, is helping him as an influencer.

Hey, Diamond. I’ve been watching your hilarious skits on YouTube. As an influencer, how has your chatbot helped you?

The bot has helped out so much by allowing all of my followers to gain immediate updates whenever I post content. It’s also helped me give my followers a closer experience.

Since your main focus seems to be comedy, are you looking at different ways to implement humor into your Messenger bot?

I definitely plan on doing that through several daily messages, memes, or comedy sketches.

Your Facebook page has over 250k likes… very impressive! How were you managing your messages before getting a chatbot?

I really wasn’t able to manage my messages before then. In fact, I had a horrible response time which in turn probably discouraged a lot of my followers to even write me. Now, I have immediate replies and I get more messages than ever before.

What’s the best takeaway with your experience with Persona and bots in general?

The major takeaway by far was that the chat bot really made my Facebook experience so much better and now my followers feel like they have a more in-depth experience.

Ok, last question. What’s next for you as a brand?

I’m really just focused on perfecting my craft, branching out with other influencers, and helping others grow along side me.