Make Your Life Easier with These Top 30 Chatbots of July

Top 30 Chatbots: Make your life easier with these top 30 chatbots of July

We strike up a conversation to achieve all sorts of things, from sharing the latest gossip to getting hold of vital information, but the art of conversations is taking a very different direction in the 21st century. Just the idea of automating and scaling one-to-one conversations using technology appeals to a vast majority of brands and services out there. And while the future of marketing changes and how businesses are using chatbots to gain Millennial’s attention, only one thing is for certain… Chatbots are becoming more powerful and widely accepted, so we’ve collected the top 30 chatbots of July.

Check out the Top 30 Chatbots of July:


A discord bot with music, moderation, and other pointless commandsTop 30 Chatbots: Vexera on Discord

Vexera, one of the most reviewed bots on BotList, is also one of the more popular Discord chatbots that was created. It’s a multipurpose discord bot, which aims to provide music, moderation, and other fun & misculanious commands.


A chat moderation bot for Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and more.Top 30 Chatbots: Nightbot on Discord

Nightbot is a chat bot for Twitch and YouTube that allows you to automate your live stream’s chat with moderation and new features, allowing you to spend more time entertaining your viewers.


A chatbot who helps you change unhealthy eating habitsTop 30 Chatbots: Forksy on Messenger, Kik, and Telegram

Just tell Forksy what you eat and drink (in natural language, like, “I just had a burger and a can of coke”) and she will calculate the calories in your meal. Forksy comments on your meals and will get upset when you eat something unhealthy. So don’t piss her off! 😉

Forksy is the perfect solution for nutritional coaching.

Book Bot

Download and search books on MessengerTop 30 Chatbots: Book Bot on Messenger

Nothing makes a book lover happier than stellar book recommendations and free reading! Book Bot allows you to access a variety of books and all you have to do is type the name of your favorite book or the author, or just tell it what kind of mood you’re in today.


The best bot for online gaming teams

Top 30 Chatbots: Guilded on Discord

What’s better than competitive gaming? Bots that help gaming teams recruit, improve, and complete, so you can spend more time doing what you love. Being a boosted animal!

Guilded helps you create events on your team’s event calendar, sends team event notifications, shares daily updates on recruiting status, team’s stats, and tracks your growth over time.


Bringing translation services to your Discord, for freeTop 30 Chatbots: Translate on DiscordTranslate for Discord supports over 110 languages and can be easily used by anybody. The bot takes advantage of the Google Translate API, so you know all translations are accurate. One of the most important things, is that Translator has a 99.9% uptime for Discord servers.


Real time cryptocurrency prices and alertsTop 30 Chatbots: Zupcoin on Messenger

With the rise of cryptocurrency popularity, Zupcoin has become one of the more notable chatbots of July. It’s an ultimate Messenger tool chatbot that lets you get the price of any coin in terms of any other coin on any exchange. Zupcoin provides instant prices & calculations of cryptocurrencies on Messenger. Just Type “BTC to USD” and you’ll get the price of bitcoin to USD and you can get the price from specific exchanges.

Katy Perry

Official bot of Katy Perry

Top 30 Chatbots: Katy Perry on Messenger

Another amazing official celebrity chatbot from Persona Bots, Katy Perry. The bot grants you full access to all Katy’s latest music, videos, and it’ll show you how to get a selfie filter. Celebrities are taking advantage of marketing in Messenger and Katy’s fans must be super happy that they get to receive exclusive updates from her.


Chat anonymously with new people

Top 30 Chatbots: NearGroup on Messenger

NearGroup is like dating on steroids. Unlike other dating apps and services, you can essentially get a virtual date in minutes. The Messenger chatbot allows you also to connect with the other person on a human level first, and you can see if there’s a connection before sharing any of your details. Instead of dating being about status or appearance it becomes about the connection.


All-in-one chatbot for marketing and sales

Top 30 Chatbots: Growthbot on Slack, Messenger, and Twitter

Need to grow your business or startup? GrowthBot can help! GrowthBot sends you useful information in a fast, friendly chat interface. It’s built for marketing, sales and others working on driving growth for companies.


Convert YouTube & Facebook videos into MP3 or MP4

Top 30 Chatbots: Vidibot on Messenger

Need to download a video from YouTube or Facebook? Just send VidiBot the url and it converts it into various formats. You can also just convert the audio from the video. VidiBot does all the work for you.


Access knowledge quicker without leaving Slack

Top 30 Chatbots: Obie on Slack

Obie is a virtual assistant to help you make faster decisions, be more informed and get stuff done without leaving Slack. Obie provides a suite of integrations for every team including Google Drive, Confluence, Evernote, Google Sites, and Obie’s own CMS. You can even document knowledge inside of Slack with Obie.


Make better decisions with friends

Top 30 Chatbots: Swelly on Messenger, Telegrsm, and Kik

Ever stuck between two options? Get instant community feedback with Swelly. Share your questions or start voting to help friends and heroes make better decisions.


Instant breaking news alerts and the most talked about stories

Top 30 Chatbots: CNN on Messenger, Kik, LINE

CNN’s suite of bots brings their famously unique journalism right into your daily workflow. One really unique aspect of the CNN news chatbot is that it customizes your feed of stories for you. Based on things you’ve clicked in the past, it builds you a personalized feed and gets to know your preferences over time. CNN also presents you with news based on your location and the current time of day.


Manage your travel itineraryTop 30 Chatbots: Expedia on Skype and Amazon Alexa

Expedia enables users to easily search and make hotel bookings, manage select elements of travel bookings, including a hotel with flight confirmations, or flight cancellations. If a user has an additional request that’s not yet supported, it will hand off the experience to an Expedia travel representative, or the traveler can call directly from within Skype at no charge.

Sambung Kata

A word chain game on Telegram

Top 30 Chatbots: Sambung Kata on Telegram

Sambung Kata is a really fun word chain game. It will give the initial word and the other player must answer with a word that started with previous word syllable or letter. Enjoy losing time with this bot.

Enjoy losing time with this bot.


Check the Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive statistics of any user

Top 30 Chatbots: CSGO-STATS on Discord

If you are a Counter Strike lover and a hardcore gamer, you’ll definitely should try this bot out. It will help check easily all CS:GO statistics or get the current VAC status. No special permissions needed!

David Guetta

One of the world’s most popular DJs

Top 30 Chatbots: David Guetta on Messenger

Meet a Messenger version of one of the world’s most popular DJs. Discover new music, subscribe to playlists, buy tickets to shows and more!


Never miss another potential customer or opportunityTop 30 Chatbots: BananaBot on Messenger

BananaBot’s a marketer’s dream tool!Automatically send a Facebook message to anyone who comments on your posts or ads. Spend less on ads and you’ll sell more. It will send coupons, collect emails, and run promotions for you.

Trivia Blast

Who will be the First Worldwide Ultimate Trivia Master?

Top 30 Chatbots: Trivia Blast on Messenger and Kik

With Trivia Blast, you can choose any topic and try to answer 7 questions it. Answer them right and climb the ranks to become a top player in the world. Play with tons of quizzes and topics: General Knowledge, Kpop, Movies, Technology, Sports, Literature, 90s…

Manage your pipeline from any device in Slack

Top 30 Chatbots: on Slack

Drive your Salesforce prospects and pipeline opportunities, with full access to your key Salesforce reports within Slack. Watch your teams Salesforce pipeline come to life in Slack with important notifications and alerts that will come find you during critical deal stages. 

Hey Taco!

Bring your team together with our unique kindness currency, taco’s

Top 30 Chatbots: Hey Taco on Slack

Hey Taco! is an amazingly fun and unique platform for Slack that let’s you recognize your teammates when they do awesome things. Just simply add a taco emoji after someone’s username when you want to recognize them. Track recognition and keep track of all the tacos giving on your team’s leaderboard. By creating rewards, you make giving tacos more meaningful.


Helping you expand, or should I say bolster, your vocabulary

Top 30 Chatbots: Wordsworth on Messenger

Wordsworth’s mission is to expand and bolster your vocabulary by sending you a new word every day. Your daily word comes with definition and you can also get sentence examples. It’s the ultimate chatbot for expanding your education.


Convert files and websites easily on messenger

Top 30 Chatbots: Converter on Messenger

Converter is a chatbot that takes in a file or a website and converts it into various formats. Grab articles from a website and get it in audio or pdf format. Convert your docs and images to pdfs, CVS to excel, videos to gifs, and about a dozen more.


You know nothing, but this Game of Thrones Chatbot does

Top 30 Chatbots: Game of Thrones chatbot on Messenger

Winter is coming! Ok, ok… who else is excited for Arya to kick some ass? GoTBot is a Facebook chatbot created in solidarity with all the secondary characters you forgot about, plus all the titles and heirs that you never knew existed. 

Christian Grey

Chat with Christian Grey on MessengerTop 30 Chatbots: Christian Grey on Messenger

Christian Grey promptly informed me that he would like to bite my mouth. Say what?! Get lost chatting with Mr. Grey and all of his risky thoughts.

Bluto Bulldog

Virtual Bulldog in your pocket

Top 30 Chatbots: Bluto Bulldog on Messenger

Everyone loves puppies, including Bulldogs! Bluto plays a few games, sends stickers for you to use and receive tips about raising Bulldogs. You can also check out some merchandise for Bulldogs.


Cryptocurrency rates at your finger tipsTop 30 Chatbots: Crypster on Messenger

Another cryptocurrency bot has surfaced and became popular in July. Crypster helps you stay updated on cryptocurrency rates (Bitcoin, Ethereum or anything). You can set a specific time or multiple times to get updates per day.


A matchmaker for new friends to chat

Top 30 Chatbots: Foxsy on Messenger

Foxsy is a matchmaker for new friends. The Messenger chatbot introduces you to the right person for making a friendship and enjoying a chat.


Get freelancing gigs on autopilot through Messenger

Top 30 Chatbots: Ease on Messenger

Ease team has built a bot which is like a cloud-based workforce solution that helps businesses manage their independent contractors and freelance workforce all in one place. After you chat with the bot on Messenger, it also allows freelancers to look for work and provides access to the top software developers, designers, copywriters, and digital strategists in the industry within less than 30 seconds!

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