Should Your Business Have a Chatbot?

Should Your Business Have a Chatbot?

Chatbots have many purposes and are used by many businesses, but one primary purpose is for customer support. They can replace, or even just partially take the job of a customer service representative. Chatbots have the ability to do almost anything and are not limited to one action at a time.

You can build the bot to be able to do multiple things. Sort issues that customers have and move them to the correct area of support. Pass on an in-need customer to a human support agent. Help pick out a personalized outfit for a special occasion. If you can think of it, someone can build it.

If you’re looking for ideas, view some of the Collections on Botlist! There’s everything from entertainment bots to marketing bots.

Customer Experience

You’ve heard the saying “The customer is always right”, right? Business DO care about their clients. When companies implement a chatbot into their website or social media pages, they hope that the bot will make an impression on the customer. The experience is critical. Why? Because if the customer has a good experience, they’ll likely become a returning customer. Plus, chatbots provide a good vibe. They’re friendly.


Chatbots are convenient. Talking over the phone isn’t. Chatbots do not require any additional apps to function making it easy to find and start engaging with it.

Businesses will typically implement their chatbot where they get the most traffic. This might be on social media or even on the front page of a website. They have the ability to put it anywhere. When someone decides to engage with the bot, that person will receive replies almost instantly, dramatically reduces wait times. The chatbot doesn’t have to search a database for answers to each question you ask. Another plus for chatbots is that they can handle more than one person at a time. In fact, there is no limit to the number of people that engage with the bot at any given time. As a result, reduced wait times and faster problem-solving.

Chatbot Uses

As someone who is very passionate about chatbots, you can imagine that I’ve searched around to find, what could be the best. I can’t be the judge though. Every chatbot is different, which is also why I prefer them to human phone support agents. I’ve seen all sorts of bots that range from mortgage bots, to weather bots, to trivia bots. Even bots that help you build bots.

Chatbots will learn from what people input into it. For example, if someone orders a Pizza from the Pizza Hut bot on either Twitter or Facebook, the bot will remember what that person ordered and will ask if he’d like to order it the next time he returns to the bot. United Airlines has a bot called AutoPilot. If you need to check the status of a flight, input the flight number, and it will remember it until you change it.

AutoPilot verifies the flight number with chatbot

AutoPilot verifies the flight number that had been previously put into the bot

Should Your Business Have a Chatbot?

In my opinion, yes. Why? Chatbots are significantly less expensive to build than full applications, and the ideas are endless. What ever the business or brand, you can create a chatbot to fit it. When a visitor enters the homepage, the chatbot can be programmed to greet the person. Bringing social media back in the picture, that’s the most important place to have a chatbot. Hundreds of millions of people are on Twitter and Facebook each day.


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