Why Businesses Are Using Chatbots

Why Businesses Are Using Chatbots

Essentially every social media network has some form of a private messaging system. Facebook has Messenger, Twitter has Direct Messages, and so on and so forth. Through social media, businesses can receive feedback from their customers which provides them with specific details on what they can improve on.

Almost every brand or business today is active on at least one social media platform. Twitter and Facebook are generally the most popular because they have the most users. Facebook has almost 2 billion monthly users while Twitter has just over 300 million.

Something in common with both Twitter and Facebook, specifically Messenger, is that they both support chatbots. Although Twitter just recently caught up with the flow and added customer support features, which included the integration of chatbots back in November of 2016, the outcome is pretty amazing.

What’s the Purpose of a Chatbot?

Chatbots have multiple purposes, but businesses typically use them for customer support. They make support agents’ jobs easier, and they help resolve issues faster.

If a client needs help with a simple question like “where are you located”, the bot could be trained to tell the location of the store. If the customer needs real human help, the bot can also transfer them over to a human support agent.

Below are a few examples of different types of chatbots that businesses have integrated into their social media.

Customer service: CES has what they call a “Twitter Guide” in their DMs. This bot makes it easy for people to do or find a range of things. You can find an event or find a speaker, and even view an interactive map. If you need real human help, they have people that can and will help you.


Subscriptions: The Economist is a major news company that lets people subscribe to news updates via their Twitter DM bot. Visit @TheEconomist and start a DM conversation. The bot will trigger a Welcome Message displaying different topics. It will then provide updates in 24-hour increments for the chosen topic.


Fun & entertainment: Chatbots such as Focus Features are created more for fun as a sort of marketing campaign for an upcoming product. Most likely a movie. If you send a DM to @FocusFeatures, you’ll be presented with multiple options. One of them being Trivia. Feel free to test your knowledge and play it!


Food & drink: More and more food chains are starting to add chatbots to their social media. Denny’s Diner has both a Facebook Messenger bot and a Twitter DM bot where you can do things like order online, or contact Denny’s Support.

Another restaurant that has a chatbot is, Pizza Hut. You can now order their most popular pizzas and reorder your favorites directly through Facebook Messenger and Twitter! Sign into your Pizza Hut account, and that’s it!


Businesses are using chatbots because they make it convenient to get help quickly. With today’s technology and people’s skills, you can program a chatbot to do a number of things. And that’s exactly what businesses are doing. Making it easy to Order or Reorder certain menu items, subscribing to news updates, playing trivia, or just something as simple as notifying a customer of a store’s business hours. Chatbots do it all! If you are a business or brand, I encourage you to integrate a chatbot into your social media pages.


Sam writes articles for Chatbots Magazine and has become a Top Writer in Artificial Intelligence and Business. He focuses his work on business, chatbots and A.I. In addition, he also contributes to Product Hunt and BuzzFeed.